Insurance & Financial Aid

Financial Aid

All Dominican University (except for the Residence Life Grant)  and state/federal financial aid is applicable to any of the approved Dominican study abroad programs. In certain cases, a student may be able to receive more financial aid in the form of DU scholarships, federal and state aid and loans.

Once the application deadline has passed, the director of study abroad will send a list of accepted students to the Financial Aid Office. The student should make an appointment Financial Aid to discuss his/her financial aid package. Students can only receive one study abroad grant during their enrollment at Dominican University, regardless of the number of study abroad programs in which they enroll. Financial aid information for STA students

Students can explore the Study website or IIE for potential scholarship sources specific to study abroad.

Health Insurance

Dominican University requires that all participants (students, faculty, staff and alums) in DU study abroad programs are covered by international health insurance for the duration of the program. The insurer for Dominican’s programs is Cultural Insurance Services International.

The cost of insurance coverage is included in the program fees. Each student receives an individual card with emergency contact numbers in case of illness or accident. The insurance covers only a small portion of costs for pre-existing conditions. Please see the documents below for information about the insurance plan.

About CISI Coverage

Claim Form

Coverage Plan