Salamanca, Spain

AIFS: Salamanca, Spain

Next Offered: Fall semester 2017 (September 20, 2017-December 15, 2017); Spring semester 2018 (January 24-May 18, 2018)

Situated in the northwest corner of Castille, Salamanca is noted for its Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, as well as its lively student atmosphere. The University of Salamanca, oldest in Spain, was founded in 1218 and draws students and visitors from around the world. Dominican University has been welcomed into this area rich in traditions of the Dominican Order. Town and student life centers around the Plaza Mayor, justly called the most beautiful in Spain. Offered through the American Institute for Foreign Study Abroad.

Academic Program

  • Optional two-week intensive orientation course: language and civilization. Additional fee of $1245.  Begins August 31, 2017 (fall semester) or January 4, 2018(spring semester); additional homestay supplement applies

Course Options

  • AIFS courses taught by professors from the University of Salamanca.
  • University of Salamanca courses in all branches (for advanced students only).
    Students wishing to enroll in courses offered at the PEI (University of Salamanca) must have written permission from the Spanish department.  Such approval does not guarantee successful completion of these courses; the approval merely attests that the student has the requisite language skills and academic background to pursue coursework at the University of Salamanca.
  • Courses available in international business and economics, education, art, history, Spanish language and literature, political science and geography.
  • All courses are to be taken in Spanish.  International Business (Spanish language track) and International Relations and Diplomacy (Spanish language) majors may take 2-3 courses in English.  These courses must be pre-approved by the department.  The remaining courses must be taken in Spanish and the language requirement (see below)  applies to these students.
  • DU area requirements

Currently enrolled students may not opt for the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option for any courses. Transcript issued by AIFS.


Completed online application deadline: 

  • Fall semester: May 1, 2017
  • Spring semester: September 25, 2017

All applications are reviewed by Dominican University's International Studies Committee. For more information, please contact Sue Ponremy, Director International Studies, at or call (708) 524-6965

Cost and Financial Aid

Estimated Costs

  • Program fees 2017-18 (includes AIFS tuition, housing and all meals (homestay), excursions, DU fees,round trip airfare, surcharges subject to change).
  • Full year $33,460
  • Fall semester 17,025
  • Spring Semester $17,435
  • Non-refundable application fee $95
  • Optional fee for Early Start Program $1245(included in the above)
  • Optional fee for homestay for Preparation Program $415 (included in the above)
  • Damage deposit $250/semester (refundable).
  • Personal expenses $200 to $300/month (estimated)
  • Accommodations during spring break not included
  • Vacation travel outside group excursions additional.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • State, federal and Dominican financial aid is applicable.
  • Students: By studying abroad, you may have additional options for funding assistance. Please see a Dominican University Financial Aid Officer as soon as possible 
  • AIFS scholarships for qualified students
    - Generation Study Abroad($1000 )
    - Minority

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Open only to currently enrolled Dominican University students.
  • 2.7 DU GPA
  • Second-language learners must complete two semesters of Spanish at the intermediate level or above
  • Native and heritage speakers of Spanish who place into SP 231 or higher must complete only one semester of Spanish
  • Native and heritage speakers of Spanish who place below SP 231 must fulfill the same requirements as second-language learners (see above)
  • Junior/senior standing
  • Students must attend at least one information session and one orientation session.

Excursions, Housing and Transportation

Immersion and Excursions

  • Field trip to Andalucia (fall and spring).
  • Weekend trip to Madrid
  • Conversation exchanges with Spanish students.
  • Volunteer work in the community.
  • Extra-curricular university activities, such as sports, chorus, theater, dance.


  • Homestays with selected Spanish host families, double occupancy, meals included
  • Vacation periods not included


  • Round trip group flight included in program fees.
  • Three day London stopover before program begins.
  • Group flight met by staff for bus transfer to Salamanca.