Honors Coursework

Students must maintain good standing in the honors program and take an honors seminar each year they are in the honors program.

In addition, students who choose the Honors through Coursework path must complete two courses that have been designated as honors courses in different departments outside their major. Students may use an approved study abroad program in place of one of the requisite honors courses.

Students will also do an integrative project as part of their Honors through Coursework degree.

Students choosing the Honors through Coursework path must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to two years of a foreign language among those taught at Dominican. The language can also be approved by the honors committee if the university does not currently offer it (e.g., Arabic or New Testament Greek).

Foreign nationals educated abroad at the high school level in a non-English-speaking country are exempt from this requirement.

This option is well suited for students who join the honors program after entering Dominican.