Lund-Gill Chair

Robert Calin-Jageman named 2016-2017 Lund-Gill Chair


Robert Calin-Jageman is Professor of Psychology and Director of the interdisciplinary Neuroscience program, which he helped found, at Dominican University. Dr. Calin-Jageman has been deeply involved in mentoring student research in the neuroscience lab and in psychology. 20 of his students have been published authors in peer-reviewed journals. He has inspired students to become part of the Open Science movement, which seeks to make science more rigorous and replicable. He has co-authored a recent textbook that is the first to make Open Science part of standard training for psychology majors. His research on learning and memory has received significant grant support from the National Institutes of Health.

2016 Lund-Gill Lecture
Title: Is Science Sick? (And How Can We Cure It?)
Robert Calin-Jageman, Professor of Psychology and Director of the interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program
6:00 on Wednesday, September 7th in the Recital Hall
Reception in Slate Lobby at 5:15

Lund-Gill Lecture

Each year our society invests billions into scientific research, producing an awe-inspiring stream of breakthroughs and discoveries. But is the scientific enterprise working as well as it could be? There is a growing unease amongst scientists that in some cases science is not working well, producing findings that are much less reliable and accurate than hoped. This talk will review the evidence and start a spirited discussion about the problem and the potential cures..