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Writing Fellowship

The office of Literacy and Learning Resources in the Academic Enrichment Center is pleased to offer a 2-credit fall internship for students who have demonstrated strong abilities as writers and would like to develop their capacities as tutors. Successful applicants will receive training led by Dominican University faculty, tutors, and staff through an intensive practicum. In this semester-long practicum, Fellows will learn about writing center pedagogy and reflect on their tutoring experiences. After the initial training, the Fellows will begin working as tutors for 6 hours a week. Writing Fellows will receive continuous support and guidance throughout their internship by participating in observations and debriefing sessions. Fellows are paid for their work as tutors, as well as their hours in training. Although most graduate students do not choose to pursue course credit for the internship, they are still paid for their time as Fellows and are encouraged to apply.


  • Dominican University junior, senior, or graduate student for the 2017-2018 school year
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Students from all academic disciplines are invited to apply
  • Possess significant skills as a writer, reader, and interpersonal communicator
  • Have great enthusiasm for exploring the writing process
  • Would like to help build and be part of a community of learners

How to Apply

Submit an application including:

  • A completed application form: application
  • A 500-750-word personal statement explaining why you are interested in the internship and notes what aptitudes, skills, and personal qualities you would bring to the position
  • Two writing samples that you have submitted for class assignments or for publication at Dominican
  • The names and email addresses of two Dominican faculty members who can attest to the quality of your work as a student
  • The names and email addresses of two Dominican students who can attest to your communication and interpersonal skills
  • A copy of your Dominican transcripts

Applications can be brought into the AEC or emailed to Jennifer Stockdale, Writing Fellows Coordinator


 All application materials are due by Friday, March 24, 2017. Fall Writing Fellows will be announced on Monday, April 21, 2017.

The Fall 2016 Writing Fellows

The AEC is very pleased to introduce you to the Fall 2016 Writing Fellows. The Fellows, who were competitively selected for their considerable strengths as writers and communicators, were trained to work as tutors in our office of Literacy and Learning Resources. Below, please find a brief introduction to our Fellows. If you have a passion and an aptitude for writing and are interested in becoming a Writing Fellow in the Fall of 2017, please consider applying. For any questions, please contact Jennifer Stockdale, Writing Fellows Coordinator.

Mariana Bojorquez


Hi! My name is Mariana Bojorquez and I am a recent graduate of Dominican University, having majored in English Literature and minored in Philosophy! However, I am returning as a graduate student for the Library and Information Sciences (GSLIS) program because I just can’t seem to stay away from long, caffeine-fueled, nights and seven-pagers. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but I took a risk applying to Dominican University and moving to Illinois. I’m glad I did, though; I haven’t looked back since, despite my mournful whines of “winter is coming” and “this humidity is killing my hair’s vibe.” But let there be no doubt: I absolutely love Chicago and all it has to offer, but, mostly, I love Dominican University and its inclusive, vibrant, and intellectually-stimulating campus.


  • Avid graphic novel and comic book reader
  • Survival Horror and cyberpunk genre enthusiast
  • Voracious reader (really, I can read anything, it’s almost disgusting how easily entertained I am)
  • Rodent lover
  • Creative writer

What being a Writing Fellow means to me

Being a writing fellow offers me the chance to not only collaborate and help improve those I am tutoring, but to influence and be influenced by these students. To me, tutoring is more of a synergetic relationship than a one-sided one and I truly believe that all students hold the potential in them to improve and explore ideas that really engage them, not only ideas that will earn them a passing grade. For that reason, I believe that this tutoring program grants me the flexibility and opportunity to do just that.

Intellectual Passion

I have a keen interest in all things dystopic, radical, and a little broken, most likely because of the introspection and complete overturn of our most fundamental ideas which this genre has to offer. The literary exploration of just how much of our lives hinge on indoctrinated and superimposed order is always a subject of interest to me. For this reason, novels like 1984 by George Orwell, Neuromancer by William Gibson, or more contemporary novels like The Maze Runner by James Dashner catch and hold my interest until ungodly hours of the night. After all, if we can’t question why we live our lives the way we do, well, where’s the fun in that?

Jasminum McMullen


Jasminum was born in Chicago and raised in Oak Park, IL. She developed a love for the written word early in her childhood that she credits to having a mother who encouraged her to read. She began pursuing poetry in 2010 by attending various open mics. She has authored two books of poetry and published them independently. Jasminum is a transfer student from Triton College. She is currently a junior pursuing a BA in English Literature and Secondary Education.


  • Reading poetry
  • Writing poetry
  • Writing short stories
  • Blogging poetry
  • Studying established poets via Youtube
  • Computer/Video gaming
  • Crocheting
  • Animated shows and movies
  • Reality TV
  • Building music playlists via Tidal
  • Vinyl
  • The Future

What being a Writing Fellow means to me

It means opportunity to connect with members of the Dominican community in a casual setting to discuss my favorite topic, writing. It means collaboration. It means opportunity to help my peers express themselves and develop their style and expand their ideas in writing, as well as, growth for myself as a writer.

Intellectual Passion

Writing is truly my passion.  It is so versatile. Being asked to write, I believe, is an invitation to respond in a way that is true to self and that is freedom.  My favorite book is The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni 1968-1998, specifically; Those Who Ride the Night Winds, which was published the year I was born (do not look that up lol). The poem from this book that I often call out by name is, Lorraine Hansberry, it really speaks to me as a writer.

John Mysz


John grew up in La Grange, Illinois and went to Lyons Township High school. After graduating in 2013, he started college at Grand Valley State University, but transferred to Dominican after his freshman year for the psychology and social work program at Dominican. Currently a senior, he’s thrilled to be a part of the writing fellows team and share his passion and experience with writing with others. He is also on the tennis team and is an enthusiastic watcher of anything on Netflix.


  • Tennis
  • Music (guitar)
  • Reading
  • Puppies
  • Coffee
  • Netflix (Breaking Bad, HIMYM, Scrubs, The Office)

What being a Writing Fellow means to me

Being a Writing Fellow means developing trust and relationships with my peers. I believe that people who either need/want help or have been mandated to seek help by a professor, should be sent to a warm, enthusiastic, and intellectually nurturing environment. I believe it means that not only will I share my experience and knowledge of the writing process, but I will also learn about my peers as well as myself and my own writing. I’m an aspiring clinical therapist, and though this is obviously not therapy, I will enjoy the one-on-one personal contact with all those I help and will bring compassion and openness to each session.

Intellectual Passion

Two hands – Passenger: I find myself putting this song on repeat anytime it comes on. It is such a quick, simple, but beautiful song written by a rather unknown and brilliant lyricist. It’s a song of hope and love that makes me smile every time. In all of his music, Passenger writes elegant metaphors that consistently leave me wanting more and yearning to become a lyricist of my own. Give it a listen if you have the chance! Here’s the link to the lyric video:

Ania Derkacz


My name is Ania (Anya) and I am a Senior Criminology and Sociology student. I was born in a town named Siedlce in Poland on an exceptionally warm August morning. While there, I attended three years of school before immigrating to the United States in June 2001 at the age of seven. In 2013, I graduated from Glenbard North High School and came to Dominican shortly after. In my educational journey I also attended 11 years of Polish School during the weekends where I received a high school equivalency diploma.  Academics and I had a love/hate relationship throughout the years, particularly through elementary school when I had to work twice as hard to catch up on skills that other children already acquired. At the time I was learning English through an ESL program. After completing that program in the third grade, I fell in love with school. Eventually in middle school I caught up to my peers, while exceeding in the language arts, and went on into the honors curriculum through High School. At Dominican, I now serve as the Vice-President of the Polish Club and Senior Rep in the Mazzuchelli Honors Program. Like many of my peers, I will be the first person in my immediate family to receive a Bachelor’s Degree.


Literature & Writing, Mountains & Camping, Road Trips, How to Get Away With Murder, Bike riding, European History, All film genres besides horror, Adventurous and interesting people

What being a Writing Fellow means to me

In the same way that struggling through learning English and adapting to a new way of life has taught me incredible diligence, writing can hold the beautiful process of discovery and learning new things about ourselves. There is no greater feeling than accomplishing and improving the weaknesses we hold, possibly developing them into strengths, which is why I hope that I can contribute to that process and satisfaction when students come to the center to receive writing help. I believe tutoring or teaching in general has the beautiful aspect of reciprocating meaningful lessons on both sides of the experience.

Intellectual Passion

One of my favorite books is Looking for Alaska. Although it is not a typical literary classic, I believe it holds many truths about life, human connection and friendship. Sometimes there are books, or quotes, that just really stay with us. I think Looking for Alaska has important messages about living in the moment and that sometimes people come into our lives to teach us important lessons before they leave in order to shape the next chapters of our future. It is an honest contemporary work of not waiting too long to live out our dreams and appreciating extraordinary connections between human beings.

Valentina Moyao


My name is Valentina Moyao and I am from Mundelein, IL. I am a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. I am an aspiring occupational therapy student planning to attend graduate school next year. I am the first in the family to attend college and I hope to be the first to earn a doctorate degree.


  • Reading
  • Watching movies
  • Soccer
  • Dark chocolate

What being a Writing Fellow means to me

Being a writing fellow means that I will be able to help others reach their full potential. Helping others flourish as writers by improving their writing skills and in turn further developing my own writing, is what being a writing fellow entails. I hope others learn as much from me as I learn from them. As a writing fellow I will also have the opportunity to meet and form relationships with my peers.

Intellectual Passion

One of my favorite books is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I specifically enjoy Frankl’s insight on the importance of individuals’ reactions to situations. This idea holds that the freedom to make a choice, regardless of the circumstances one is in remains, even when all else is lost. Frankl recounts his experiences in a concentration camp and how the attitude of the prisoners factored into their survival and well-being. I think that this idea is important to keep in mind in everyday life. We must always keep in mind that we control the outcomes of the situations we are put in through our attitude and reactions towards them.

Bailey Scianna


My name is Bailey Scianna. I have lived on the Northwest side of a city I love, Chicago, IL.  I am a proud Resurrection College Prep alumna. This year I will be a senior, majoring in English for Secondary Education with a minor in Women and Gender studies. I have spent my four years at Dominican in the Mazzuchelli Honors program, and last spring I was accepted into Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors society, and Alpha Chi Omega, the National Honors society. I look forward to finishing my time at Dominican with my friends, learning, and service to the Dominican community.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Dinosaurs
  • Chicago Botanic Gardens
  • Trips to museums
  • Netflix (I especially like binge-watching Star Trek, the Original series)
  • Spending time with my friends: location doesn't matter as long as we're laughing together!

What being a Writing Fellow Means to me

I am passionate about writing, editing, and helping people and I am eager for the opportunity to combine these passions as a Writing Fellow. I am a firm believer in the power of compassionate and patient education/mentoring, and am thrilled to be able to offer my services as such a mentor. Being a Writing Fellow means providing a service to the Dominican community in a way that strongly utilizes my skill set.

Intellectual Passion

During my time at Dominican, I have been exposed to new genres of English that I likely would never have explored on my own, without the guidance of the professors here. Three genres that stand out in particular are: medieval literature, American literature, and 18th century British literature. I love learning about "new" areas of English and getting to work closely with a text, not only for what the text itself says, but for what it says about society.