Prepare for success in the business world at Dominican: rooted in experiential learning, our challenging, values-based curriculum provides real-world skills. You’ll do well and make the world a better place.

The Brennan School is located just 10 miles west of downtown Chicago and provides students and alumni with a wealth of business opportunities. Graduate students may pursue their degree on either a full-time or part-time basis. Online courses are offered each semester and are available to all students. This flexibility allows students to complete their degree at a pace and in a format that fits their personal and professional lives.

Approximately 500 students, with representatives from around the world, make up the student body. They are diverse in terms of both business experience and cultural backgrounds. In recent years, the Brennan School of Business has expanded its global reach by partnering with top-ranked universities abroad to offer MBA programs in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The business faculty is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are passionately committed to excellent and rigorous instruction. They ensure that students not only understands business theories but also the practical applications of the concepts being covered. They bring the material alive by leveraging their own significant experience in business.

We have redesigned our graduate programs to ensure student readiness and success in today's business world. Foundation courses are now compressed and sequenced into one-credit courses for efficiency. Core courses are rooted in experiential learning. Expanded elective course offerings allow you to explore new areas or deepen your skills. Finally, a dedicated career development program adds even more support from the Brennan community.

Students choose the Brennan School because of its exceptional value:

Respect. The Brennan School of Business is AACSB Accredited, a distinction earned by less than five percent of business schools worldwide. AACSB schools provide a better return on your investment with higher-caliber academics and degrees of distinction that help advance your business career.

Community. Our classes are small and our students bring varied background perspectives, resulting in a rich, immersive learning experience.

Perspective. Our faculty bring a balance of academic rigor and practical experience into the classroom, including the global perspective crucial to success in today’s business environment.

Readiness. We provide the skills employers seek: the ability to analyze problems critically, to communicate clearly and to respond to business challenges with integrity.


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