A Life of Learning

Scheler Books
Just some of Sara's textbooks this semester.

Call me crazy but I really like taking tests.

I love learning new things and putting my knowledge down on paper. Today, I had tests in my human development class and in my microeconomics class, during which I burned through two pencil erasers because I couldn’t settle on an answer for anything. The economics test was nerve-wracking, but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you lay the test down on your professor’s desk with a flourish and walk out of the classroom. Sometimes I Google the answers I wasn’t sure about just to see how I did. 

Learning stimulates my curiosity and I come back from class every day with something new and interesting floating around in my head. I like to see the progress I make in my classes and sometimes I feel like I could be a perpetual student. 

Life-long learning is a concept that was instilled in me at a very early age. It is the idea that we should never stop learning and if we foster curiosity at a young age it will continue throughout our years, encouraging us to learn and grow in every aspect of our lives. 

This concept has been a part of my education since the very beginning. My parents fostered it when they read me chapter books when I was just two years old. I was homeschooled, so most of my learning was done independently or one-on-one with my mom. We went on field trips and made posters and did projects that reinforced the concepts we were learning. 

I always enjoyed school (except math) and when I got to college, I quickly found ways to increase my learning outside of the classroom. From magazine and newspaper articles that I read to scholarly articles I look up to answer questions I don’t know the answer to or a simple conversation with a friend who tells me about a new theory or concept, I never stop learning at Dominican. There are always lectures and seminars to attend on a variety of topics, speakers to listen to, publications to read from students and faculty, and discussions to be had with other students. In the past 3 years I have spent at Dominican, I have never been at a loss for information or opportunities for academic advancement. 

College is busy and can be quite exhausting but I am so fortunate to be pursing higher education at Dominican and developing the skills I need to reach my career goals and continue in a life of learning.