Pursuing My Passion

Sara Steak
A recipe Sara made up: potato gnocchi with morel cream sauce and grilled flank steak 

Have you ever found something that you love to do and can’t imagine your life without it? Cooking is that thing for me. I watched a lot of Food Network in high school and, through lots of trial and error, I taught myself to cook. 

Cooking is my form of therapy and the way I express myself. Most of the time, I cook without recipes, experimenting with new techniques and making a lot of it up on the fly. 

I wanted to go to culinary school for a while, but I knew I was not cut out to be a chef. When I toured Dominican, I fell in love with their Nutrition Science Department because they offer three intensive food classes in their state-of-the-art quantity kitchen. 

The first class is a basic foods class, where students learn sensory techniques and practice making breads, muffins, cakes, steaks, vegetables, beverages, and much more. The second class is a quantity foods class where students plan, prepare and serve a meal for 100 people every week. The third class is a food science class in which students design a product and spend a semester creating the perfect formulation that meets their nutrient goals. 

Dominican’s nutrition program allows me to pursue a practical, marketable major and allows me plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen and do what I love.