Graduate & Post-Baccalaureate Housing

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Housing

The graduate and post-baccalaureate community is located in Aquinas Hall, on the Priory Campus. The Priory Campus is just eight blocks east of Main Campus and is accessible by a shuttle that runs every quarter hour.

Aquinas Hall is a small, quiet community made up of single rooms, which come furnished with bed, dresser, desk, and bookshelf. Each room also has its own sink/vanity area. Graduate students are placed on a floor with post-baccalaureate program students. Students in the ELS (English language) program and/or undergraduate upperclassmen students may reside on the floor as well depending upon availability. The Great Hall provides a communal lounge space with couches, chairs, tables, and a TV. Additional lounge spaces are available in the academic area of the Priory campus.