Service and Justice

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Following Dominican’s tradition of refusing to stand on the sideline in the face of injustice, University Ministry provides opportunities for thoughtful and reflective engagement of some of the world’s deepest needs. Inspired by the Gospel and informed by a rich Catholic Social Tradition, these opportunities address both immediate needs (service), as well as their root causes (justice). Additionally, University Ministry invites students to reflect on the significance of these experiences. In doing so, they might come to greater clarity about their part in transforming the world, as well as God’s invitation to their own transformation.

Local Service Opportunities

During the academic year, University Ministry offers the following opportunities to serve the hungry and homeless. Look below for more info about specific opportunities and see the News and Events page for upcoming experiences of service.

Service in the Streets

Join us as we provide a sandwich and conversation with the homeless on Chicago’s streets. There is no cost to participate, and students are invited to participate as often as scheduling allows. Dates for service opportunities during first semester include:

Sign-up in the University Ministry Center, Lewis 216, the week before any event to participate.

Come to the Table


A new service opportunity done in collaboration with the Quinn Community Center in the neighboring community of Maywood.  Students provide dinner to the families who utilize the community center, all while building relationships and community by making conversation, sitting and eating with the people they meet.

Sign-up in the University Ministry Center, Lewis 216, the week before any event to participate.

Post-Graduate Service

Several students from each graduating class commit a year or more to post-graduate service through various programs, such as the Dominican Volunteers , Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and others, in both faith-based and non-faith-based settings. Stop by the University Ministry Center to learn more about these opportunities or to pick-up some helpful resources.

University Ministry also hosts several information sessions each fall semester, and is available for ongoing support each spring. Representatives from various programs will be on-hand to answer questions, and general information will be shared about various volunteer program options and application processes. All seniors and other students already considering their post-graduate options are welcome to attend!

If you would like to be added to a listserve to receive the most up-to-date information regarding additional on-campus information sessions, or to ask questions or receive support, please email