Mazzuchelli Scholars Honors Program

Dominican's Honors Program invites highly motivated, high-achieving students to challenge themselves through four years of thought-provoking honors seminars and honors courses. Students who successfully meet these challenges are awarded a degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors or Bachelor of Science with Honors.

Honors Program students can:

  • Work one-on-one with experts in their fields of study
  • Take courses to help prepare for graduate-level work, including an honors writing and research methods course
  • Present unique research projects at Dominican’s Undergraduate Research Expo
  • Take classes with nationally and internationally renowned scholars through Dominican’s Lund-Gill chair
  • Attend cultural events in Chicago
  • Join Alpha Chi, the national college honor society
  • Study abroad at the University of Oxford
  • Receive the university's most prestigious scholarships

What our students say about the
Honors Program:

“Honors seminars gave me a never-ending desire to pursue the truth through constant questioning. And taught me that this truth, whatever it may be, might not be an absolute one, that it might shake the very foundations of my being and perceptions of the world, and that the opposite could also be true.”
-Kristine Bonnick ’11, Neuroscience Major

Learn how doing scientific research as an Honors student helped recent graduate Geraldine Holmes '14 get accepted to a prestigious PhD program at the University of Victoria, Canada.

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